Global warming situation and climate change are from increasing of Greenhouse Gas, so Thai government perceives necessary to reduce this situation for environmental care. Therefore, the government assigned Thailand Green House Gas Management (TGO) and Thailand Textile Institution (THTI), which is subject to Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment and Ministry of Industry accordingly, to coordinate in development of project called “Cool Mode”

Cool Mode is created to be qualification standard of fabric, which is perspiration absorbency. This benefit creates Cool-Comfort feeling, which can save electrical energy due to less consumption of Air-Conditioner.
The Cool Mode qualifications are as follows: -
1. Chemical Safety Qualification:- Quantity of Formaldehyde, Element of Metals(Thin, Cadmium, Chromium, Copper), and AZO dye
2. Quality and Durable qualification:- Tensile – Strength, Bursting, Dimensional stability, Color fastness to washing, and Color fastness to light
3. Reduction of global warming qualification:- Absorbency, Wicking, Touching feeling of warm or cool (Q-max)