People's Garment Public Company Limited

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Business Overview

PG’s reusable isolation gowns are certified ANSI/AAMI Level 2, are made from recycled polyester and can provide users with excellent protection.

The company also has potentiality and experience in producing knitted fabric with quality and diversity. To satisfy the need of customers.

we have experienced staffs to serve you with pleasure, if you think of garment i.e. Polo shirt, Jacket, Slacks,Swimwear including work wear and uniform.

This brand is for casual wear clothes. It is an integration of environmental friendly raw materials and modern design for men.ี

PROUD is the special apparels for special women which are designed and tailored with high quality of fabrics and high skill of tailors.


brand products are for fashionable ladies who love art and focus on handmade decorations with diversity of designs and colors in fashionable trend.


SARINI Leader of colors Inspiration from the colorful island of Burano,Italy .SARINI made from 100% genuine leather high quality.



Ours Products